Financement exceptionnel de la BEI de 9,5 M€ accordé à SLB

The SLB Group is consolidating its position as a leader in Romania. This support will enable it to continue its work to preserve biodiversity.

The project consists of investing in 2,800 ha of forests, which will be fully FSC® certified. The objective is to optimise forest ecosystems while respecting the ecological conditions of the original environment and adapting the forests to climate change. Particular attention will be paid to soil conservation and stand health.

The new support to SLB represents the first NCFF funding for sustainable forestry investment in Romania. It is also the 10th project supported by the NCFF, a joint EIB-European Commission replica Rolex Yacht-Master initiative that promotes investments in biodiversity and nature-based climate change adaptation.

Read the press release.

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Press Release BEI - SLB
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