SLB Group - Newsletter 2023

In 2023, the forest is with us!

We trust forests to provide us with an abundance of raw materials. However, we all know the threats they face. Today, it is vital to protect them as they are proving to be the most promising solution in the fight against climate change.

At SLB, we are extremely proud that our commitment to forests and our forestry know-how have been recognized this year by the European Investment Bank and by the impact investment fund, Mirova.

Indeed, in Romania, the EIB will support us in securing the integrity of forests and soils while enabling us to implement new ways to develop their ecosystems and biodiversity in a sustainable way.

In Brazil, Mirova has selected our action for the LDN fund, demonstrating both the economic relevance of our model and its positive societal and environmental impact.

Finally, the SEP program continues to attract companies that want to contribute to global carbon neutrality. We will therefore open a third program in 2023.

We are starting 2023 with a head full of projects, particularly regarding soil protection and biodiversity and carbon supply for businesses!

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SLB Group - Newsletter 2023
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