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About Brazil Forest®

With the Econologic Program with Brazil Forest®, invest in the forest and become a partner in the Green Revolution. A forest program to enhance your climate commitment and offset your CO2 emissions.

Some key figures

4 140 ha

in Brazil

2 475 ha

planted area
or 14 850 ha of Amazon forest protected

3 144 420

trees planted

1 359 ha

of naturally regenerated

867 545

tonnes of CO2

Labels and Partners


Econologic program®

With the Econologic Program® with Brazil Forest®, plant more than 300 tree species to replenish Brazil’s forests and restore the biodiversity the planet needs.

With the Econologic Program® with Brazil Forest®, SLB Group offers professionals and individuals the opportunity to participate in a forest programme. Brazil Forest® Sustainable Development, is a program of forest planting established in Brazil since 2008. SLB\’s expertise in the selection of sites, planting and natural regeneration ensures high value-added forest capital.

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The SLB Group is consolidating its position as a leader in Romania. This support will enable it to continue its work to preserve biodiversity.

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