Brazil Forest

Our commitments and our values

With Brazil Forest, adopt a different perspective, help us to plant trees.

Protect and grow your assets

The SLB team shows a constant spirit of innovation and is always looking for optimal management solutions of its forests.

Acting sustainably

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As attested by its various certifications, sustainable development and the environment are core concerns of the SLB group.

Brazil Forest® and all SLB subsidiaries created in Brazil are in process of certification FSC guaranteeing total traceability of raw materials and products from sustainably managed forests.

Brazil Forest® promotes an equilibrium of fauna and flora and contributes to natural regeneration of forests. Particular care is taken in the conduct of coordinated initiatives for animal well-being.

All actions and the pertinence of our methodology have also earned Bureau Véritas certification and the possibility of offering companies the Econologic Program® brand.

Effective support for your projects

Brazil Forest®, a professional, passionate and totally dedicated team in France and Brazil that will effectively support your alternative investment.

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Investissement éconologique

With Brazil Forest®, plant eucalyptus forest in Brazil and become a player in the « Third industrial revolution ! »

The pride to support a tree all its life