Forests are doing well

SLB Brazil Newsletter: Covid-19 crisis and hope for a more sustainable world

The pandemic caused by the new Coronavirus has changed the entire economic and daily dynamics of affected countries, including Brazil. Everyone learns to adapt in order to overcome the crisis in the best possible way.

Despite the unprecedented health crisis we are currently experiencing, some sectors are doing well. This is notably the case of forests, which continue to grow and sequester CO2!

At SLB, we are making every effort to overcome this difficult time, and we anticipate the post-crisis period. Indeed, we are currently developing a new afforestation program in Brazil, allowing companies to commit themselves to a tangible, environmentally friendly project.

Over the entire duration of the program (6 to 10 years), the partner's forest assets are valorized, while allowing the fixation of CO2 from the atmosphere, thus improving its carbon footprint.

By adapting together, with unfailing replica motivation, we will be able to overcome this global crisis and thus contribute to a more sustainable world!

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Forest are doing well
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