Hohenadl Cubing Method

The Hohenadl method of cubage was held on September 24 in Agua Clara and Cristal farms.
The work consists of the felling of the tree to measure the diameters along the Fuste following the Hohendl methodology, this work aims to adjust the functions of thinning for growth and production calculations, determine the percentage of residue and actor form. As the harvest occurs on this farm, cut trees are used in thinning to make this measurement.

In this method, the measurement of 15 tree sessions is collected. These measurements are processed on a database that allows the SLB Group to know precisely the volume of its forest stock.

With all this dedication, our inventory work allows us a real validation of the prediction of the future harvest of our forests, optimizing the commercialization of our wood.
Hohenadl Cubing Method
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