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Brazil Forest Sustainable Development® an SLB Group trademark

About the SLB Group

« The role of forests planted by man as sustainable and ecological rational sources of renewable energy and industrial raw materials is well-known, highlighted and reinforced » Earth Summit - United Nations

The SLB Group has been active in the forestry business for more than 25 years.

Founded in 1991, and present in Brazil since 2008, the SLB Group has developed a concept for the creation of commercial forests and ecology. With the program of Brazil Forest Sustainable Development® purchase forest is the solution for a significant reduction in your CO2 emissions and at the same time guarantees a tangible and profitable assets.

80 years of forestry experience over 3 generations

  • 1991 : France

    Creation of SLB Sarl, forestry and timber trading

  • 1992 :

    Formation of forestry groups and purchase of forested areas

  • 2002 :

    Creation of the European Forest® trademark development of our forested areas trading business

    European Forest
  • 2004 :

    Start of research on the Brazilian project

  • 2007 : Romania

    Creation of the Eastern Forest® trademark to extend our offer to Eastern Europe. Acquisition of forests in Romania

    Eastern Forest
  • 2008 : Brazil

    Creation of SLB Do Brasil. Acquisition and planting of pilot farms in Brazil

  • 2010 :

    Creation of SLB Development Durable and its trademark Brazil Forest Development Durable®

    Brazil Forest
  • 2013 :

    Creation of SLB Brazil Econology Fund.
    Luxembourg (CSSF approved)
    Econologic Program® with Brazil Forest certified by Bureau Veritas

    Econologic Program

  • 2014 :

    Fundo LUXEMBURGUES SLB BEF certificado AIFM pela CSSF.

    Eastern Forest FSC

    SLB Group is consistent with ISO 14.064 standard

  • 2015 :

    FSC certified

  • 2016 :


    FSC certified


  • 2017 :

2018 A new year for new projects. Contact us !
SLB - Développement Durable

Key figures

  • More than 2,500 ha of forest under management in Brazil
  • 1,642,380 rapid growth eucalyptus planted on 1316 ha
  • 817 ha of Brazilian forest preserved
  • 6592 ha of Amazon forest not exploited for production of timber thanks to commercial forest
  • €18 million invested in land acquisition and creation of commercial forests
Planting trees is :
  • To breathe
  • To eat
  • To drink
  • To sleep
  • To heal
  • To read and write