SLB Group 2021 Newsletter

Discover our newsletter, a reflection of what we have built in 2020. The SLB Group wishes you a happy new year.

2020 will have been marked by the ongoing health crisis.

At SLB, we have continued our activities, confident in our choice to create carbon sinks and produce a raw material that is indispensable to our daily lives.

During the crisis, trees continue to grow. The need for products from the forest remains very high, and is even increasing.

This year, we share with you the successful launch of Solution Econologic Program®, designed to enable SMEs to commit to contributing to carbon neutrality on a global scale.

There is no doubt that in 2021, despite the difficulties, we will be giving our best to build the next world, which so many are content to talk about.

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SLB Group 2021 Newsletter
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