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      Die SLB Group wünscht Ihnen ein glückliches Jahr 2018 und lädt Sie ein, den Newsletter zu lesen, der die Aktivitäten des Jahres 2017 zusammenfasst. (...) Weiter lesen >
  • Planted forests and biodiversity

    Planted forests and biodiversity
    According to the latest forecasts, if the deforestation continues at the current rate, 40% of the existing species in the world will be extinguished within the next 100 years. In this scenario, Brazil has an undisputable role because it’s the world’s leader of biodiversity (fa (...) Weiter lesen >
  • Diversify your assets !

    Diversify your assets !
    Diversifying your assets internationally it’s a strategic and relevant choice. The observation of the different economic, political, consumption and development cycles shows us that an investment in Brazil/Romania is less risky and more profitable than an investment in our country. (...) Weiter lesen >
  • 4th Quarter 2016: many promises in 2016, many uncertainties for 2017

    4th Quarter 2016: many promises in 2016, many uncertainties for 2017
    Following the election of the new president of the United States, Donald Trump in November 2016, some of emerging countries benefited from this election. It is particularly the case of Brazil and Russia. Brazil, the six world economic power* and a raw materials country producer is delighted with thi (...) Weiter lesen >
  • Selo Clima Paraná - SLB renews Gold

    Selo Clima Paraná - SLB renews Gold
    SLB do Brasil is among the companies of the state of Paraná that received the the category Gold of the Selo Clima Paraná.   The ceremony was held in Curitiba on February 15 and was attended by several local authorities and representatives of the State’s companies that also (...) Weiter lesen >
  • Newsletter 2017 - SLB Group

    Newsletter 2017 - SLB Group
    The SLB Group wishes you a Happy Year of 2017 and invites you to consult its Newsletter wich summarizes all the year 2016 groupes activities. (...) Weiter lesen >
  • COP 22 initiates regulation of the Paris Agreement

    COP 22 initiates regulation of the Paris Agreement
    The COP 22 was held from 7 to 18 November in Marrakesh, Morocco. This year’s Conference Of the Parties resulted in the definition of the so-called 'rulebook' for the implementation of the Paris Agreement (which focuses to keep the global temperature increase below 2 degrees in relation to the (...) Weiter lesen >

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