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COP 22 initiates regulation of the Paris Agreement

COP 22 initiates regulation of the Paris Agreement

The COP 22 was held from 7 to 18 November in Marrakesh, Morocco.


This year’s Conference Of the Parties resulted in the definition of the so-called 'rulebook' for the implementation of the Paris Agreement (which focuses to keep the global temperature increase below 2 degrees in relation to the pre-industrial period). The rules must be completed two years ahead of schedule, at 2018 (in time for Poland’s COP 24), so that the Agreement signed in the French capital is operational by 2020.


However, the discussion gave place to apprehension, with the announcement of Donald Trump’s victory for the United States of America’s presidency, during the COP 22. The future USA president, during his campaign stated repeatedly his lack of sympathy for the Paris agreement. In an attempt to minimize the damage, US Secretary of State John Kerry said the overwhelming majority of Americans recognize the importance of climate change on the planet, reaffirming their country's commitment to honouring compliance with the Paris Agreement.


Committed to continuing the road to climate mitigation, eleven countries also took the opportunity of COP 22 to ratify the Paris Accord, raising the number of ratifications to 110.


Next year, Fiji Islands will organize the COP23. In the absence of adequate infrastructure and resources, the next COP will take place in Bonn, Germany, where the secretariat of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is based.



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